Time to Leave Slider

You Know It's Time to Leave the Slider Inn When...  (by Allie)

22. Someone gets a haircut on the deck.

21. A guy asks another guy if he's got a red dress yet.

20.  Barry starts talking about aliens.

19.  You finish your second Jameson Slushie.

18.  The Sprock 'n' Rolls show up.

17.  Someone breaks his phone and then leaves without paying his tab.

16.  You have to babysit someone who's just lost their job. Again.

15.  Barry's on the roof.

14.  Jimmy throws up.

13.  Quinto's gone home and you're still there.

12.  Someone has eaten the pig's brain on Tiki Tuesday.  

11.  You move your diamond ring to the ring finger of your left hand.

10.  Your server offers you a free Fireball shot and it seems like a good idea.  

9.  It starts storming and instead of going home, you move inside to drink more.

8.  You ask if filet mignon is the same as flat-iron.

7.  You're waiting in line for the bathroom for a really long time and a couple exits one of the bathrooms together.

6.  You sneak out back to attempt to climb the ladder to the roof so you can slide down the slide.

5.  The staff members not only give you a lei on Tiki Night; they also give you a grass skirt.

4.  You start planning a late-night outing to Wild Bill's.

3.  Barry orders you a Grown-up Drink rather than Fireball.

2.  Devin shows up.

1.  Someone calls you "Sir."

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