Rhodes Class of '04

1.  "And that's why I never went for the guys at Rhodes."
— Crystal, on blazers and bowties

2.  "I got all dressed up like a whore..."
— Becky, on senior year disappointments

3.  "They're not going to say hi to us because they're too cool for school."
— Crystal, ten years after the fact

4.  "When our frontal lobes weren't fully developed."
— Crystal, explaining lost opportunities

5.  "Let's keep our comments in our head, honey."
— Megan, on favoritism

6.  "I don't even go to any of my class stuff.  I just go to yours."
— Jason J., on why the Class of '04 is superior

7.  Regarding two quotes above —
Becky:  "I'm the most awesome one, right?"
Greta:  "Well, I wasn't there."

8.  "That's why you gotta stick with gin.  It's like vodka, but it actually tastes good."
— Becky, after too much vodka (blame Kara!)

9.  "I'm glad we didn't do this in college.  Because it means more now."
— Megan, on adulthood

10.  "I could put a dick in my mouth now and own it."
— Greta, owning it

11.  "Honestly, I wouldn't expect anything less from the Slider Inn."
— Crystal, on coffee in pint glasses

12.  "I think it's about...1.3 miles."
— Becky, human mileage calculator

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