Sylamore, Summer 2013

July 27 - 28

1.  “I can moon them with my dolphin tramp stamp."
— Lee, on impressing Jess’s fabled high school trail runners

2.  Conversation topic: How many eggs one would have to donate to finance a vacation to Europe.

3.  Trip Highlight: That time we accidentally drove to Missouri. (“SixTEEN! Not sixty?!” — Allie, clarifying where the directional malfunction happened)

4.  “It’s like a real map!”
— Lee, re iPads

5.  DJing from the front seat —
Lee: “Is this Michael Jackson?”
Becky (dryly): “Yeah. Three songs in…”

6.  Trip Highlight: Buying small plastic dogs from a candy dispenser at a gas station in Missouri.

7.  “Is there an ab workout for while you’re sitting down?”
— Lee, having a premonition about the trip as a whole

8.  “What if we all sang in Cookie Monster voices the whole time?”
— Lee, excitedly, while singing in a Cookie Monster voice

9.  “Even her laugh is a Cookie Monster laugh!”
— Allie, on Lee’s method acting

10.  “I think tomorrow, on the way home, we should stop by Texas.”
— Allie, on the most direct way to get from Arkansas to Memphis

11.  “OK! I’m here!”
— Lee, who left us temporarily for a Mexican restaurant

12.  Trip Highlight: Becky’s (re)introduction to baby food.

13.  Twenty Questions getting off to a promising start —
Allie: “Are you a person?”
Jessica: “What? No. Yes! I mean, I’m not.”

14.  “Does he need renal care?”
— Allie, on Canadian heartthrobs

15.  Still stumped by Ryan Gosling —
Lee: “Is he Alaskan?”
Allie: “That’s American, Lee!”

16.  Trip Highlight: Twenty Questions – fishing pole, tiara, fingernail polish, Ryan Gosling, Barry, and the hardest (and most gender-confusing) Twenty Questions answer of all time: flight attendant.

17.  Trip Highlight: The Ladies’ and Gents’ Comfort Zones (a.k.a. patriotically-themed his and hers gas station restrooms), complete with lively tropical murals and mildly racist wall decorations in the foyer.

18.  “Robert Dupuis has nothing on them!”
— Allie, enthusiastically, on the biker convention in Arkansas

19.  This —
Allie: “Ooh, it’s little!”
Jessica: “That’s what she said.”

20.  “My face is so flexible!” — Jess, assessing her skills at taking selfies

21.  “Y’all, I put the right address in there, but I don’t think it was the right address!”
— Lee, directing us to the first aid station

22.  Trip Highlight: Dinner at Anglers, where our waitress ("we got the goooood aaaiiicceee") may have been fired but then refused to leave (let’s just go with yes, that’s what happened) and a raucous group of middle-aged locals drunkenly showed us how you party in Mountain View.

23.  “Do you need a little Hopta-Poot in your life?”
— Lee, setting the standard for prank texting

24.  Trip Highlight: X-rated Bananagrams

25.  "That ain't no proper noun, girls!"
— Becky, while dominating at the above

26.  “I’m not reading it until you sign it!”
— Jessica, on book-inscription etiquette

27.  “I can’t even afford myself!”
— Allie, on the perils of childrearing


  1. LOLOL that waitress who was totally fired and then just showed back up to our table... we need to include her saying "the goooood aaaiiiiccce. we got the goooood aaaiiicceee." haha

    1. It's almost a year later, and I'm laughing so hard I'm crying... again! That trip was so much fun, even though we didn't make it to Texas on the way home.